Sythwood Primary School



Sythwood Primary School
GU21 3AX

Telephone: 01483 770063



The school wants:

  • To create happy, resilient, well balanced life-long learners, who strive to achieve their potential.
  • Our skills based curriculum to be an exciting, inclusive, inspiring, relevant adventure of learning.
  • To provide an open community where we nurture a love of learning for everyone in the school family.

The school consists of dedicated and hardworking staff who work closely with the parents, pupils and others to ensure they are constantly looking to improve and create the very best learning environment for all those within the school community. The school and Children's Centre are also active in the local community.

They believe that every child has skills and talents that will surface and blossom in a challenging, dynamic and supportive environment.

They believe that the school has a key role in society in combating discrimination and promoting fairness, justice and equality through their teaching and in the role models they offer.

The desire is to see every child, regardless of gender, race or ability, achieve the very best that they can in all aspects of school life. The staff recognize that all children have, and develop, different talents and strengths and that by creating a wide range of opportunities to demonstrate them every child in the school can, and should, achieve things of which they can be very proud.

The school provide a happy, caring environment where children feel valued and view themselves as part of the wider community, working together to continually build upon their existing strengths and create a school of which everyone can all be proud.

Aims of the Curriculum:

  • To deliver a flexible, inspiring, fun approach to learning, encompassing all methods of learning and teaching.
  • To help children to become self-motivated learners who are able to apply their skills to a range of learning experiences including solving problems, investigating and exploring the world around them.
  • To provide an exciting range of learning experiences which make learning irresistible and help children to develop a thirst for knowledge.
  • To make connections across the subject areas, enhancing children's understanding of the world in which they live, preparing pupils to be lifelong learners.
  • To develop an understanding of how to use ICT to discover more and present findings.

At the school the International Primary Curriculum defines the approach to learning and teaching which encompasses many previously standalone subjects (Geography, History, Art, ICT, Design & Technology and Music). It focuses on the development of skills from the National Curriculum which is supported by knowledge and experiences. The creative curriculum approach encourages connections to be made across subject areas and within areas of learning to enhance children's ability to make sense of the world in which they live.

Sythwood school has been recognised for its outstanding contribution in promoting inclusion throughout the school. We were joint second in the annual Accord Inclusivity Award out of all schools in England and Wales. Chair of the Accord Coalition, Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, said "Despite challenges of a diverse intake, Sythwood Primary School promotes inclusiveness and the growth of mutual understanding among its pupils to a very high standard. We are delighted to uphold it as a beacon of best practice."